by Heartwork

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Written and recorded from April 2017 - March 2020


released April 3, 2020

Written, performed/programmed, mixed and mastered by Daniel O’Dell
Image courtesy of Evie Shaffer



all rights reserved



Heartwork Bridgend, UK

Emotive Rock from the UK.

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Track Name: Playing With Fonts
Steadier footing would be good if I could stand on my own feet
And not keep depending on you all
These tiny voices start revealing every depth of my defeat
They’re holding me accountable

I spent the last year looking for the poetry in everything
But never stopped to see the view
Another crossing lost to flames, unfinished songs and shifting blame
Is all that I’ve amounted to

I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t try
The devil’s in the details I can’t find
It’s all torn down, I can’t leave the house again
Father, mother, sister, brother, friend

I tried my luck to reconstruct the bridge with pins & paperclips
I don’t think it’s sustainable
Track Name: No Angels
It’s a tough realisation
That we all come to learn
Ignorance is self-sustaining
And denial makes it worse

There’s been miscommunication
Amongst our counterparts
We confused wit with slick persuasion
And didn’t think to ask

Are we ever honest if we’re born into a lie?
Expected to just believe when faith is never justified
Like moths drawn to a flame in search of light

I have my predispositions
To sheep disguised as wolves
But by my own admission
I’m guilty of it too
So with all this finger pointing
You’d think there’d be a plan
We’re only making noises
Just because we can

Are we truly kind when conflict is hereditary?
Left to make decisions based on sensibilities
When it comes to progress all we do is call retreat
A halo round the head of hypocrisy

Save the small talk
We’ve got all our
Own faults and failures
We’re no angels

One arm leading blindly
Both eyes on the door
Nights like this remind me
What I’m running for
So take your expectations
Leave me to my
Own faults
And failures
I’m no

Are we really allies when we act like enemies?
Everyone’s got knives in places where wings could be
Vexing the divide and calling it equality
It’s like trying to turn the other cheek by pulling teeth
Track Name: Out Of Round
Laying awake seems pointless
There must be a way to sort this out again
I’m on the edge
The silence is so deafening
That’s it, I think I need a small repair
Would you meet me where the blue meets gold?

Somewhere out there is solace
Don’t give up on this promise
“I will keep you safe with me”
Holding out for a moment when both time and space are frozen out of here
The atmosphere’s a zoetrope

How far can we go before we’ve gone too far?
I’m the Enceladus to your Saturn
And we move to the tune of the Sun

Weigh me down
The push and pull of everything stops us ever spinning in or getting out
Slightly askew or parallel
But we never touch
No matter how close we get it’s never ever close enough
Now I don’t know how we got all the way out here

But how long can we stay before we’ve stayed for too long?
You are the sound in all of the static
And the call from distant stars
Track Name: Bloom/Bleed
Have a part of what I’ve got to give but take it slow
And I’ll take the burden that you bear
Look down below, there’s only so far you can go
And if you want, I’ll meet you there

Speaking from experience
It’s no fun to face yourself
To pull the curtain back and raise a little hell
I thought this looked familiar
You watched me take root and bloom
And with a little time it’ll happen for you

Forget-me-nots are always best remembered at the end
And false starts are nothing more than words
It’s no easy road so if you feel like nothing’s left
I’ll trade my hope for all your hurt

You faced the blackout like you knew it off by heart
Retraced the steps in every corner of the dark
And said you haven’t felt this way since god knows when
But something’s happened, now it’s happening again
The smoke has only cleared because you breathed it in
To find the path from where you are to where you’ve been
I think you need a clean supply of oxygen

“It happens to the best of us”
I’ve said that too many times
It’s best I shut my mouth and take my own advice
So this is my New Testament
I swear you don’t have to bleed
Just take your walls away and you can lean on me
Track Name: Dust
Slowed for the accident
It felt so meaningless
Our own significance
Is only in our heads

Caught in the transients
Stuck on a memory
Flirting with happiness
It’s all temporary

But if we’re all made from starstuff
Then the stars are part-us too
It’s not hard to see the signals
And you can’t avoid the view
If I thought it makes a difference
To someone anywhere
I’d pray to my creator
But God was never there

Connecting anything
To try and join the dots
Context is everything
Which line best fits the plot?

When I look for correlation
I can find causality
But the links I think I’m making
Aren’t actuality
‘cause car crashes have no order
There’s no poetry in pain
You’ve got to keep on moving forward
At best, just drive away

I think I’ve lost myself

I’ll never understand
The true meaning of us
I think I’ve lost myself
So let my bones turn to dust
Track Name: Ten & Two
A celebration like this shouldn’t be partnered with such bad news
How can we turn over new leaves from a hospital bed?
We couldn’t even get to Spring without the stitches separating
Though it’s been fraying at the seams, I never knew the extent

I have put in far too much tonight to apply the ten & two
The longest hour and forty of your life
Whilst you’re beaten black & blue
I don’t believe there’s a spirit but if there is his arms are wrapped tightly around you
And won’t ever let loose

A ceremony like this doesn’t just have to be a sad one
I saw you smile for the first time in a couple of weeks
And we could barely move an inch without hearing a hundred stories
It’s like they’re making way for light in spite of everyone’s grief

You’ve been picking battles with your brain, it’s as if you’ve come undone.
And we’re all worried you’ve found comfort in the pain or maybe worse you’ve given up.
I won’t believe we’re defined by the things that defy us but by how we overcome
So tell me if it’s too much

Life’s a contest of wills
A myriad of disasters
But with every ordeal
Comes a new set of answers
It’s a delicate balance
That we’re left hanging in
You can let the worst happen
But just don’t let it win

We’ve got plenty of shoulders between us all
To divide and share the weight
Do what you need to for closure but don’t close the door
Let’s tear it all down and recreate
You best believe that your corner’s full and we’re sure as hell not gunna just let you break
His life goes on through yours and will remain

He’s just a lifetime away

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