dust - Single

by Heartwork

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released June 29, 2018


all rights reserved


Track Name: dust
Slowed for the accident
It felt so meaningless
Our own significance
Is only in our heads

Caught in the transients
Stuck on a memory
Flirting with happiness
It’s all temporary

But if we’re all made from starstuff
Then the stars are part-us too
It’s not hard to see the signals
And you can’t avoid the view
If I thought it makes a difference
To someone anywhere
I’d pray to my creator
But God was never there

Connecting anything
To try and join the dots
Context is everything
Which line best fits the plot?

When I look for correlation
I can find causality
But the links I think I’m making
Aren’t actuality
‘cause car crashes have no order
There’s no poetry in pain
You’ve got to keep on moving forward
At best, just drive away

I think I’ve lost myself

I’ll never understand
The true meaning of us
I think I’ve lost myself
So let my bones turn to dust

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